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Submitting to Talent Trek Agency is easy. Please do not e-mail information just print out this form and mail along with your nonreturnable, current headshot/resume, composite card, laser prints or at least three quality, current, black and white or color snapshots to the office location nearest you. Our process requires a hard copy photograph with specific information from the application form. Attached photographs to an email will be rejected. Make sure you fill in all information on this form. Talent Trek will contact you by telephone or mail if we are interested in you for our particular office location. Please understand Talent Trek does not accept everyone who applies to this agency. Please do not call to see if your materials are received. Our time is spent booking talent/models that we already represent and filling our clients needs on their projects. If we agree to represent you, you will not want it any other way! Unfortunately with the volume of unsolicited photographs we receive, we simply do not have the time to reply to every submission. We are only looking for those models/actors that are within a four (4) hour drive of our offices unless they are SAG or have an extensive modeling or acting resume and are available to travel. If you are outside this drive time requirement, you should seek representation with a reputable, established agency within a reasonable distance from your residence. This is especially true for children. Each office looks for different looks, ages, sizes and skills for their projects and clients. We are always searching for new faces..any age or look.

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