Talent Trek Agency


Note about submissions.  FAQ's are below this notice:

We are in the process of updating our website. Current listed talent: If you are needing to make any updates please wait until after March 1st as any updates may not be accepted.  New submissions: At this time we are not taking any new online submissions but please check back after March 1st to submit. If you want to submit now, please snail mail a current snapshot, stats and your information to the office nearest you.  (check locations page)  We are always happy to review and consider new faces.  We are excited about this new update and we are sure you will find it even more user friendly.


The information below will help you decide if this industry is right for you.  It is a business which can be fun and lucrative but...it requires hard work and dedication.

Q.  How do I submit to your agency?  
A.  There is a New Talent Submission area on our website.  Please go there for instructions on submitting materials for agency review.  Note: for children under the age of five it is important to follow the instructions as stated on the form for this age range.  
Q.  Can I email my materials?
A. Yes.  Please go to our New Talent Submission Area and follow instructions on the form.
Q. Will I hear back from my submission?
A.  It usually takes 2-3 weeks for submission review.  We do not accept everyone.  You will only hear from us if we can represent you.  Please do not call to check on your submission.  If we do not accept you, there is nothing wrong with you we may already have several in your category to meet our current needs.  You are encouraged to resubmit in 10-12 months.
Q.  What does the agency look for in a talent or model?
A.  We are primarily looking for "real people" who are animated and marketable.  Although prior experience is not necessary, it is always helpful when submitting to our agency.  We are always looking for new faces and all ethnicities. 
ACTORS can be any age or size and normally work in film, commercials, training films and videos.  These roles can be speaking or non-speaking.  Although we are a SAG/AFTRA franchised agency we do accept both union and non-union talent.   
MODELS appear in print ads such as brochures, newspapers, billboards and magazines in either fashion or lifestyle layouts.  Depending on the client there could be some requirements for models such as height and sizes. 
eed to be outgoing and able to take and follow directions well.  A good attention span and memorization skills are always a plus.  If your child is not interested, parents please do not submit them for representation.
Q.  If accepted what is my upfront cost?
A.  As a talent you will need a good headshot and models need good compcards.  These will need to be done by a professional photographer.  These are your calling cards and the first contact with clients.  The agency requires copies of your materials for our files.  You can go to our Links page for photographers and duplication companies that provide these services.  We also recommend that you apply to be listed on our website for maximum exposure to our clients.
Q.  Will I be required to sign an exclusive employee contract?
A.  No.  We are not an employer.  You are an independent contractor with our company as defined in the IRS Publication 15, Circular E, Employer's Tax Guide.  However you will be asked to sign an exclusive agreement that allows us to speak for you as your representative in the industry.
Q.  How does the agency make money?
A.   We make a commission when you work.  If you do not make money..neither do we!  We have no sign up or renewal fees, we do not make money on your photos or duplications or training.  Commissions normally run 10-20% depending on the area and type of job.
Q.  How does the agency get me jobs?
A.  We don't.  We submit your materials to clients who need a talent or model for their project.  That is why you must have professional, good quality photos.  The client decides who to see in an audition or interview.  It is then up to you to get the job.
Q. After I am registered with the agency how is the best way to check in?
A.  We prefer you email us or leave a phone message after hours just saying you are checking in, going out of town being sure to leave your departure and return date, your flexibility has changed or just remember you are available for work.  We always appreciate updates and changes.  However during the work hours we are busy trying to get you auditions and interviews so it is very hard to visit during that time.  We do use email as our primary communication for contacting our talent/models regarding auditions and jobs.  Access to a computer and checking it daily is vital to our business.
Q.  Do I need training or experience?
A.  Experience is always a plus for anyone submitting to our agency.  If you do not have experience, training would be very beneficial.  Modeling classes are not required but good acting training is valuable for anyone wanting to be in this business.  We are not a school, but our Links page has several acting classes and instructors listed. 
Q.  Can I make a living in this industry?
A.  Yes and No, depending on the market you live and work in.  Generally in the Southeast if you are experienced and prepared to travel extensively you might be able to work on a regular basis and make a living.  Otherwise most talent/models have a significant other who pays the bills, a part time or flexible full time job.  Most of the productions are scheduled Monday - Friday during normal business hours with a few exceptions. You must have a flexible work schedule in order to be a viable talent/model.  Due to the invoice and payment process, it normally takes 60-90 days after the job is completed to receive monies for work done.
Q.  What if my child is in school?
A.  A child will have to miss school for assignments.  Therefore children need to maintain good grades and attendance to be considered for this business.
Q. Does your agency represent children five and under?
A.  We do have children age five and under that we represent for our clients to view for their projects.  However there is very little work in our markets for these ages of children.  Current, non-returnable
snapshots are required and acceptable but they must be kept current by sending new snapshots and updated information every 6 to 8 months as the child will change consistently.  We need facial shots showing personality along with the child's Name, Date of Birth, Clothes Sizes and the parent or guardian's contact information sent by US Mail to office nearest you.