Please read the information below to help you decide if this industry is right for you/your child as it does require hard work, dedication and a commitment.

1. How do I submit to the agency?
We are only accepting online applications at this time.

2. Can I make an appointment with an agent ?
Our agents stay very busy and do not have time to meet with each applicant. The decision to interview applicants are made from online submissions. Please do not call about your submission as we receive a high volume of submissions which makes it hard to check on them

3. Do you have open talent calls or accept “walk-ins”?
At this time we are not holding open talent calls nor accepting “walk-ins”.

4. Is experience required to submit?
We are always looking for new faces for the agency from “real” people with no or very little experience as Extras to union actors with extensive resumes

5. Do I need a professional headshot?
We do not require professional headshots for submissions but you must have one if accepted by the agency.

6. Will I hear back from my submission?
We do not accept everyone that submits. Once the agents receive your submission, they will then determine if we have a need for you in your category and if you would be a good fit for our agency. If we decide to bring you in for an interview, we will contact you to set up an appointment. This could take 2-3 weeks for us to get back with you depending on the work load. Please do not call about your submission. If you do not hear from us within this time frame please feel free to re-submit in 8-10 months.

7. What does the agency look for in a talent or model?
ACTORS, union or non-union, can be any age, ethnicity, size with experience in films, commercials, training videos and/or voice over work. These can be speaking or non-speaking. EXTRAS are those new in the business who have no or very little experience and are used for non-speaking, background fill-ins. MODELS may appear in print ads such as brochures, newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising and sometime extra work. CHILDREN need to be outgoing, take and follow directions well. Must have good attention span and memorization skills are always a plus and in most cases they will have to miss school when working on projects. Good grades and perfect school attendance is most important

8. If accepted what is my upfront cost?
There isn’t a fee to submit or register with an agency however you will have to have professional photos if accepted. These are your calling cards as your first contact with clients. You will be required to list on the agency website which will be small one time fee to have the page set up on the site

9. Will I be required to sign an exclusive contract with the agency?
If accepted you will be required to sign an exclusive one year contract for the Southeast region in all areas of the business and cannot list with any other agency in this region. You are not an employee of the agency but an independent contractor as defined in the IRS Publication 15, Circular E, Employer’s Tax Guide.

10. What kind of services do you provide and how does the agency get me work?
Our agents cover a range of services including film, television, commercial, industrial, voice over, print and hosting opportunities. An agency does not get you work. We submit your materials to clients who need talent/model for their project. The client makes the decision as to who they want to see or interview if necessary, that is why you need professional materials. It is then up to you to get the job.

11. How does the agency make money?
Agencies work on commission. There is a percentage taken from the work that you are booked on from clients. If you do not make money..neither do we! We do not have a sign up fee, renewal fee, make money on your photos or any training. Commissions normally run from 10-20% depending on the type of work.

12. Can I make a living in this business?
Unfortunately No. Generally in the Southeast if you are experienced and prepared to travel extensively you might be able to work on a semi-regular basis. Some talent/model’s have a part-time job or have a flexible schedule at work or have a support system which gives them the opportunity to travel to auditions. However, the majority of the work in this business is like any other job, Monday – Friday, normal business hours with a few exceptions. Payments can sometimes take 60-90 days after the job is completed to receive for work done.

To Submit For Agency Representation please complete the application here.